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Mission and Philosophy

Water is the most important substaance in our lives.

Over 70% of our Earth is covered with water, yet so little natural water is available that’s safe and acceptable for drinking. A healthy body’s constant need for hight-quality water makes it one substance we cannot live without. The continuing threats to our water supply make it ever more important for us to be attentive to the quality of the water we drink and use for cooking. For the peace of mind we all want, knowledgeable and concerned individuals look to their water professionals for answer on the best way to assure quality water in our families.

Why should we treat our water?

The impurities found in natural waters make them unsuitable for drinking and cooking. Our water utilities spend billionsof dollars working to make it safe. Yet we have several important reasons why we choose to treat our water in the home.

  • Published reports of contaminants by-passing our public utilities
  • contaminants added by the water distribution systems
  • ground-water contamination affecting our wells
  • our desire to further improve the taste, odor and clarity of our home water

Why choose Hydro Systems?

By choosing Hydro System International, you benefit from the decades of water treatmant experience our individuals have in product, design, manufactoring and customer care. With over 50 issued United States patents related to water treatment products, there is no better testament to the inventive and customer -driven capabilities we offer.